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Friday, November 8, 2013

Hello from the ELA Title One Boot Camp!

I'm looking forward to spending Saturday morning with a group of very dedicated Fulton County elementary teachers at the Title One ELA Boot Camp.  We're going to be discussing differentiating through Guided Reading and the Reading Workshop.  And beyond the instructional practice of a Guided Reading classroom, we're going to dig deeper into understanding the role of developing a relationship with students in order to champion their needs.  Ultimately, our goal as reading teachers is create avid readers and writers!

Check out our slideshow that highlights building student choice into work stations, responding to individual reading levels, and alternatives at the reading table that promote high text engagement.  Then, check back later for a recap of the session, and access to choice menus and writing response documents that can be integrated into your classroom next week.

                                                              Click Here for Slideshow