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About Me

     I am entering my 12th year of teaching in a variety of educational settings.  While I spent many of those years teaching and tutoring part-time, I returned to full-time teaching at Hillside Elementary in 2009. I have taught third and fourth grade, as well as EIP reading and math classes that span Kindergarten through 5th grade.  I'm excited to launch another year in one of my favorite grades - third!  Hillside Elementary is a dynamic school, where I truly enjoy being around such talented and enthusiastic students, faculty, and parents.

     In my classroom, I promote an atmosphere of creativity, respect, balance, and community.  I value cooperation and collaboration among the students, as well as in my relationships with parents and colleagues.  At the same time, I value individual achievement attained through high expectations and perseverance.  I believe that teaching blesses us with the privilege of growing the next generation of leaders. This "Generation iY" responds best to EPIC teaching: Experiential, Participatory, Image-Rich, and Connected1. My classroom goal is for our year to be EPIC! It is my hope that teachers, parents, and the Hillside community can partner together to make things happen. Together, we're a winning team!

~Jen Sweigart

Generation iY by Tim Elmore - I highly recommend this book to parents, teachers, and coaches.

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