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Saturday, November 29, 2014

We teach to inspire our students and change our small corner of the world. Sometimes, we need a little inspiration ourselves. So, here's a pick-me-up for teachers of good things that make our world a better place. 

Unilever Project Sunlight Partners with HatchKids to teach that even the smallest act of sharing a meal can change the future of a child. Could you feed a child for a week on $36.50? These kids are going to try.  Such a small but powerful way to teach about childhood hunger. 
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What the Slow Food movement can teach the United States about education reform: A fascinating article from The Atlantic on slowing down our instruction to create more meaningful engagement.
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Ten Soul-Feeding Quotes on Writing from The Gift of Writing
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#RulesoftheGame: How Project Love is Teaching At-Risk kids How to Use Values to Succeed
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Super Cool Science: Watch as a White Blood Cell Chases Bacteria - Extraordinary!
{Click the Video to Watch} 

30 Historic Moments in Photographs ~ Lots of Close Reading of a Picture Possibilities

Kids traveling to school through the Indian Himalayas & other amazing journeys to school from around the world.
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Rita Pierson: Ted Talk
If you haven't seen this TED Talk yet, make time to watch it today! She understands the impact of turning an ordinary moment into an extraordinary connection.

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